Research (Updated June 2017)

I have many research interests including small business survival, economic consequences of natural disasters, economic effects of demographic changes, monetary economic history, economic forecasting, and much more. Here is a recent copy of my full CV (updated June 2017).

Works in progress

“Credit Sales and Repayment Methods in Colonial New England,” (with Jeremy Schwartz). paper Tables_1 Tables_2


“Assessing the impacts of transactions costs and rapid growth on local government service provision and delivery arrangement choices in North Dakota,” Journal of Rural Studies 53 (2017), pp. 14-25. (with Dana Harsell, Robert Wood, and Andy Hultquist)

“Agglomeration Economies and Business Startups on Native American Tribal Areas,” Journal of Applied Economics & Policy, Forthcoming (with Christopher S. Decker)

“Another Curriculum Requirement? Quantitative Reasoning in Economics: Some First Steps,” American Journal of Business Education 6(3): 339-346, 2013 (with Patrick B. O’Neill)

“The Impact of Military Forts on Agricultural Investments on the Great Plains in 1880,” Historical Methods, 44(3): 139-148, 2011 (with Christopher S. Decker)

“Shipping Accidents on the Great Lakes,” Eastern Economic Journal, 37(Fall): 450-469, 2011 (with Christopher S. Decker and William Corcoran).

“Political Orientations and Behavior of Public Employees,” Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory, 19(4): 709-730, 2009 (with Jason Jensen and Paul Sum)

“Teaching Bank Runs Through Films,” American Journal of Business Education 2(6):7–10, 2009

“Work-related Accidents and the Level of Market Competition: An Analysis of Worker Injury Rates at U.S. Steel Corporation, 1907–1939,” Economic Inquiry 46(3): 438–453, 2008 (with Christopher S. Decker)

“The Impact of Disasters on Small Business Disaster Planning: a Case Study,” Disasters 31(4):508–515, 2007

“The Railroad’s Impact on Land Values in the Upper Great Plains,” Historical Methods 40(1): 28–38, 2007 (with Christopher S. Decker)

“Duration of Book Credit in Colonial New England,” Historical Methods 38(4): 168–177, 2005

“Credit and the Economy of Colonial America”. Encyclopedia of Economic History. 2002 (Available at

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